Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Road Trip: Day 12

We left the politics and public buildings of Washington, D.C. for the politics and Southwestern architecture of home today, with a goal of reaching Tucson in three days, which we met. The first day of our return road trip we drove from Virginia, through North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama, where we spent a couple hours in Auburn and stopped for the night, finally, in Mobile.

The requisite photos:

Heading down I-95 on a fine Virginia morning. We departed Alexandria just before 5 a.m.

And into North Carolina, which for the most part looks pretty much the same, at least to us Westerners: lots of green.

And then into South Carolina, where a giant peach water tower greeted us in one I-85 town.

We passed through Georgia, skirting Atlanta on the beltway. In Georgia and Alabama we see a lot of kudzu, that fast-growing vine indigenous to Japan that was introduced, if memory serves me correctly, as a potential food source for cattle. Now it grows over everything, creating weird though lush Dr. Seussian landscapes.

Around dinnertime we made it to Auburn, the home of Auburn University, which is the alma mater for both Billie and I. Here are our girls and our rather excellent minivan, a Honda Odyssey.

One of the new entrance monuments to the north side of campus. I cannot believe how much the town and especially how much the campus have grown, and changed. Let's hope these two little cuties don't grow and change so quickly, though I fear they must.

Auburn's most famous building, and the home to its primary administrative offices, is Samford Hall, seen behind this sign. It used to be much more difficult to see, but when a hurricane blew through ten or so years ago, many of the large trees were blown down, opening a lovely vista despite the arboreal losses. I should mention, too, that the light has a cool effect in this photo. Alas, it's just a smudge on the lens.

The entrance to the campus from Toomer's Corner, which gets rolled with massive amounts of toilet paper after auburn football victories. Don't ask: we have many odd traditions....

Another view of Samford Hall.


And finally, the Samford Hall clock tower, reminding us that there are still many miles to travel before we reach home. In fact, we were on the road (including the Auburn stop) for 19 hours today.


Ann said...

I really enjoyed your visual narrative. Excellent photos! Did you use a digital camera?

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Thanks Ann! Yes, I have a Canon EOS Rebel XT, which I just love. Thanks for stopping by.