Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Road Trip: Day 13

The word of the day is: rain. Or it could be: storm, flooding, downpour. Or maybe: endless. Like yesterday, we logged another 1,000-mile day of driving, from Mobile, Alabama, through Louisiana and into west-central Texas:

It was raining lightly when we left Mobile and entered Mississippi, and the rain didn't really stop until a bit east of San Antonio.

A continuous light rain didn't bother us. It was the threat of heavier stuff, like this cloud over southern Mississippi.

Still, when we entered Louisiana, we thought that, just perhaps, things would lighten up.

And the approach to and over the mighty Mississippi River was dry, too.

Though large and darkening clouds loomed in the background.

Here's the Mississippi Rover and a barge, looking north from the bridge.

All too soon, though, we entered flooded lands and heavy clouds. By the time we reached western Louisiana, we were driving in a deluge. And when I say "we," I really mean Billie, who took the early and (not by choice) wettest shift.

Welcome to Texas! Nothing makes for finer driving than a half-inch of rain an hour and flooded travel lanes combined with the various, short-warned lane shifts and ruts of road construction....

At least we saw Simmons Drive; but what kind of omen could it be?

By the time we reached the beautiful rolling hills of central Texas, west of San Antonio, the rain stopped completely, though towering clouds remained.

No rain from this one, at least where we were on I-10.

And a sunset photo to leave us on. We spent the night in Fort Stockton, Texas, after finding all rooms to be booked in Sonora and Ozona. In fact, we got the last room at the Holiday Inn Express, due to a cancellation just three minutes earlier. We'll take that luck!

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