Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Road Trip: Day 14

I just realized I may be off by a day on my road trip count, that perhaps this is actually day 13. Ah well, math was never one of my better subjects.

Today we made it back to Tucson! The girls were very excited, especially since the mobile DVD dual-screen player broke on the way home and---despite toys and books and trivia games and the like---they were pretty bored. Covering 2,500 miles in three straight days, as we've just done, is not easy for any kid to take.

But we did have one enjoyable stop along the way:

As with yesterday, Billie started the day by driving. Oh, thank you thank you, kind woman!

West Texas begins to get a bit mountainous a few leagues before El Paso.

For lunch, we stopped at La Mesilla's La Posta restaurant, a wonderful Mexican restaurant in the very cool old town just outside Las Cruces, New Mexico, which I've blogged about before. Here, our daughters pose with the restaurant's "pet" piranha. They also have a toucan, macaw, cockatoo, and other parrots.

Not to mention skeletal banditos on the walls. The girls agreed that this is their favorite restaurant of the entire trip.

Here they pose at La Posta's fountain.

The New Mexico landscape along I-10.

Finally, a single Arizona shot to cap off the trip. This is the approach to Texas Canyon, which must be the inspiration for all those landscape scenes in the Warner Brothers' Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote cartoons.

Glad to be home, yes. Exhausted, too. 5,000 miles driven, probably another 1/10th of that walking around Washington, D.C., as well.
I suspect I'll have no more posts here until after the launch of Terrain.org, on July 10. But then, who knows?


shann said...

Dude! You were on 95?? I could have come out and driven beside you a few miles- I live right at the merge of I64 and I95 (called the Bryan Park interchange, well know for accidents but mostly the azalea garden)

Oh well- I know you're glad to be home-

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Believe it or not, I thought of you as we were on I-95, nearing/passing Richmond. But the hour was early, and we had many miles still to go....