Monday, June 18, 2007

Road Trip: Days 3 and 4

Back to the blogosphere after a couple crazy but fun days on the road and in DC. For non-family members visiting the blog, there may be way too much here for your interest, so my apologies. Actually, that may be true for family members, too, but I know some are checking in on our progress, so I'm including more family photos in these posts than I normally do (or am permitted to do...).

Let's begin then, with a view from St. Louis, and wind up in Alexandria, Virginia, where we're staying:

View toward the west, with the newish baseball stadium, etc.

In the small bubble of a tram, which fits five people just barely. The girls' cousin was not thrilled about the tram nor about being way up in the Arch, but was a good sport about it nonetheless.

My only shot of Illinois. Not impressive, I realize, but not altogether inauthentic, either.

One of the few rest stops we stopped on was the first one in Indiana, the state of our destination on our third day's drive.

The rest stop was great because it had a fun little play area.

Though apparently my girls did more posing than playing!

Ah well, any kind of movement outside of the minivan after three days of solid driving is a good thing; and to look good doing it is no small feat, either!

Of course, excercising the mouth is critically important at certain junctures along the route, as well.

Southern Indiana is quite beautiful, both the farmland, as shown here, and the vast Hoosier National Forest on the rolling hills that I-64 winds through.

On Day 4 we got an early start, as this sunrise in Kentucky attests to. I should note for the record, I think, that I-64 through Kentucky is the nicest interstate I've ever driven on, from a maintenance and cleanliness perspective.

West Virginia was a wild ride over hills and into valleys and by rivers and the like.

During that portion of the drive, the girls took photos of each other with Cheetah.

Few stuffed animals are, I suspect, so well traveled.

Of course, who can resist those shiny, nonblinking eyes and that patent leather nose?!

And who can resist, also, highway-speed road antics, like when I photographed my brother and his family driving along side us, at about 80 mph?

And here's the lovely driver, my sister-in-law Danica... er, Kelly. She kept better pace than her husband, my brother David, that's for sure.

Colin and Christopher in the backseat, the two oldest of three brothers. By the way, if you think I'm tall, you should meet Chris. He's only 17, but is 6'8".

Western Maryland was as hilly as West Virginia.

And the medians were often planted with an absolute explosion of wildflowers so colorful they looked nearly Disney fake.

Finally we arrived at our destination: Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

The girls, like the rest of us, were happy to be out of the car---and to try on their new flower dresses.

Sunset near the Masonic Temple in Alexandria, nearly 2,500 miles after our start in Tucson four days earlier.

Next up: Day 1 in Washington, DC.


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