Monday, June 18, 2007

Washington, D.C.: Day 1

Our first full day in Washington, DC was spent, in the morning, on a tour bus, and in the afternoon, at the International Spy Museum. Both were very good:

On the bus, I sat next to my youngest, who titles this photograph, "Self-Portrait, an Accidental Digital Closeup." Man, I just adore those freckles!

We started at the U.S. Capitol, the south side (I think). Here, my daughters pose in the foreground with family members---there are 19 of us total here for the family reunion---in midground.

Our older daughter kindly poses in front of the Capitol.

And our younger daughter follows suit.

Their cousin, now staying with two other cousins and my oldest brother Miles, teeters on the edge of the Capitol fountain.

My girls on that same fountain.

And---what's this?---yes, it's one of the very few family photos with all of us that you'll see, online or off. That's not really intentional, mind you. Not really.

Washington Monument as seen from the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

Next---after driving by lots of buildings around DC---we stopped at the Jefferson Memorial (or is it Monument?).

I dig the architecture.

A view of Thomas Jefferson and the ceiling of the Memorial.

I was delighted to finally visit the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, which was very interesting---really well done. Here I pose with my cousin, one of the few other daughters in the Buntin family, in a soup line.

Another exceptional portion of the FDR Memorial---images cast in bronze relief along a long wall.

Next stop: Lincoln Memorial.

Have I ever told you that Honest Abe and I share the same birthday? That's right: February 12. Mark it on your calendars now!

Closeup shot of Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest men ever, don't you think (and I don't just say that because we share birthdays)?

I was intrigued to watch our daughters' reactions at the Vietnam Memorial, which is a moving experience no matter what your relationship is.

They walked in silence, clearly moved by the power of the black wall and all those names.

Equally moving, though we could only walk by in our haste to catch the tour bus before leaving, is the Korean War Memorial. We'll be hitting that again this week, I hope.

A few shots now from the International Spy Museum, including the duct in which my younger daughter spied on me and other visitors. The above photo is with flash.

And this one is not. Moderately spooky.

Ah, a ninja in the making, I'd say!

Finally, we took the Metro back to Alexandria. For nearly all of our family, this was their first Metro ride, and they had a great time.

Tomorrow: Day 2, the Smithsonian museums....


shann said...

one of my favorite spots in DC (that many people never think of seeing) is the Library of Congress- it's amazing and always has great special exhibits.

Your family is fabulous- and quite attractive, too.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Thanks for the kind complements. Yes, the Library of Congress is definitely on my list. I also really want to go to the National Arboretum, but the family is less excited about that. We shall see!