Thursday, June 21, 2007

Washington, D.C.: Day 4

With our younger daughter still under the weather, and my tootsies soar, we lounged this morning, and then my older daughter and I went to the U.S. Botanical Gardens. The National Gardens---if you're near the Capitol and have an hour or more to spare---is a must-visit:

But first we had to visit the restaurant we ate at yesterday in the hopes of finding our older daughter's new Museum of Natural History hat, which despite the odds, we successfully recovered!

The U.S. Botanical Gardens are both inside and out, and on a day like today, which was reasonably cool and very clear, absolutely delightful to stroll through.

The Conservatory itself is comprised of many separate greenhouses with varying themes (Desert Plants, Primeval Forest, Rare and Endangered Plants, etc.) surrounding a two-level jungle greenhouse that is the Gardens' highlight.

And the view of the U.S. Capitol is pretty grand, too.

As is the view of the new American Indian Museum, which I don't think we'll have time to visit.

Outside, we found some flowers as big as my daughter's hat, and that's saying something!

Here, she contemplates the plants---or maybe considers why dad made her march blocks upon blocks to visit (but once inside, especially, she couldn't have been more excited).

I won't even attempt to name the wide variety of plants we saw (though I recognized a few, like the Baja fairy duster), but the mixes were really lovely.

And chasing dragonflies proved to be lots of fun, too.

Some outside gardens were more formal than others.

Inside, a thin pool surrounded by bromeliads and other tropical plants was inviting in every sense.

The wide array of flowering and nonflowering plants was just what the doctor ordered for my macro camera lens, too, so I present just a few of the photos here.

Clearly, she was delighted (and spent the unlit minutes before falling asleep tonight telling Juliet just how wonderful it was; listening in on those moments is the reward of parenthood, methinks).

A few photos of the tropical beauties.

And some not-so-tropical beauties....

This interesting glass sculpture is located in the outside gardens.

Finally, there's a very fun painted-tile wall outside worth seeing, too.

Tomorrow brings us an early tour of the White House (no cameras), and then, if we're all feeling well, the National Aquarium (located in the U.S. Department of Commerce building) and the National Zoo. In the evening, I hope to take some night shots of the monuments and memorials, too.

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shann said...

You got to my favorite spot- when I first came to Virginia in 1971, I'd go into the desert room (I think it's gone now) and sit and cry because I missed Arizona so much and hadn't made any friends in Richmond yet.

At least you're getting a couple of decent temperature days!