Saturday, June 23, 2007

Washington, D.C.: Day 6

Our final day in the nation's capitol, and we indeed slept in! Today I toured a New Urbanist project in Rockville, Maryland called Rockville Town Square, a part of the larger, mixed-use Rockville Town Center redevelopment. During that time, Billie took the girls to the National Geographic Society Explorer's Hall, which they said was awesome, as well as to the adjacent refugee festival. Then we met up with an old friend of mine, John Morris, and his wife Nancy and their beautiful daughter.

Some photos, of course:

These first four shots are various views of Rockville Town Square. This will be the UnSprawl case study for Issue No. 22, though that's still a year away.

I got back to the hotel to discover a butterfly-cat and a tiger had taken possession of my daughters!

The ceiling of the elevator is a goldish mirror, so this shot is up toward the ceiling, with the daughters and their painted faces, and me and the camera flash. One of my more abstract compositions, I must say!

Dad and the butterfly-cat at dinner with our friends. A self-portrait.

Here the butterfly-cat shows us the drawing she made while waiting for dinner.

The tiger and her mom, also awaiting dinner.

Billie, our older daughter, and the daughter of our friends. The tiger plays peek-a-boo.

The tiger and the toddler.

And here's the beautiful little red head. What a cutie!

Look at these little creatures! That's the way to end a day, and indeed a weeklong visit to Washington, D.C.

We'll be rushing to drive back to Tucson, so I may not be able to post over the next two or three days as we aim to make in back in three days versus the four we took to get here. Wish us luck!

And here's hoping your summer travels are just as fun, safe, and lively as ours so far as been.

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