Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today is a happy convergence of three things: 1)'s newest issue is out the door (yay!), 2) the monsoon season has begun here in Tucson (yay!), 3) last night I found out (by sort of inviting myself, but so be it) that I'll be reading poetry with Eric Magrane as part of the Cushing Street Reading Series, on August 14 (yay!); it's a wonderful space, and I'm delighted to be reading with Eric (who has a sort of convergence of work in the new issue, as well: check it out).

But this post mostly deals with #2 above. The light this morning was great after all the rain last night, so I stopped to take some desert photos on my way into work. Except for the first, all have been tinkered with quite a bit, bumping the contrast up for effect. Kind of fun.

The windows in our bedroom, backlit by the morning sun.

Bougainvillea and (empty) fountain in our back yard.

Prickly pear cactus with fruit, as seen through a velvet mesquite.

Closer view of the pad with fruit, which make for excellent, vibrant pink margaritas!

An even closer view. I must say I dig the over-constrasted effect on these.

Perhaps my favorite one here, not only for the fruit, but for the pad and spines.

Red birds-of-paradise are scattered throughout this cactus-covered neighborhood "open space."

Though I've adjusted the contrast, they really are this bright.

A bit of a close-up shot. I wonder if Georgia O'Keefe ever saw these beauties?

Mesquite branches are weighed down with a full load of ripe, and overripe, beans.

And just a reminder to check out the new issue of!

And of course, tonight we see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

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gina said...

Yes! I should be calling my poet friend--have wanted to--but he needs to send me his number because my phone is on the fritz along with many other things in my life. I can't find his number. I believe I told him this before but he doesn't seem to listen...