Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Evening, Post-Rain

The last few days have brought tremendous thunderstorms to Tucson. Yesterday our neighborhood was without power for four hours because a dozen or more wooden poles holding power lines snapped in the wind. Otherwise, the gullywashers have been nothing short of spectacular. They are what make the monsoon season---generally early July through late August---my favorite time of the year down here in the Sonoran desert.

This evening my daughters and I tramped along the new ponds of our neighborhood to find tadpoles. We saw a few but the girls couldn't snag them. There should be plenty more tomorrow judging from all the frog spawn we saw, though. No doubt we'll be out tomorrow evening.

Until then, here are a few photos from tonight's stroll:

Red bird-of-paradise, houses, and that wicked stormy sky.

A neighbor's house---a falcon perched on that chimney yesterday afternoon---and the receding tempest.

Mesquite branches weighted down not only by rain, but by the curling bean pods that lure cardinal and coyote alike.


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