Monday, July 02, 2007

A gecko...

... just crawled across the floor in our den. It strolled, all one and a half inches of the young lizard, in a leisurely sort of way. My wife Billie is a bit worked up about this, in part because it's the second gecko (and I suspect they're not the same one) we've seen since returning from our road trip, and in part because of Salmonella fears associated with some petstore lizards.

But lizards are lucky, I say, and I don't mean that just in the alliterative sense. Here, desert geckos---Western banded geckos, Tucson subspecies, to be exact---are great bug catchers and eaters, so they will help keep the house free of earwigs and silverfish and baby scorpions and such. And that means, too, that we don't need to spray for "pests." I've always felt bad about that, and even though we use a more "environmentally benign" service, we don't do it unless we have to. For the safety of the geckos, and because of the good work they'll do, let's assume we won't have to. And let's hope our little friends stick around.

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