Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And I'm Following Sister Joan, Too

For more than 2 months now I've had the June 2007 issue of The Sun crammed into my backpack, with the goal of reading James Kullander's interview with Sister Joan Chittister, titled "Be Not Silent: Sister Joan Chittister Speaks Out On War, Feminism, And The Catholic Church."

Today, finally, I read the interview, and was simply blown away. To wit, a short excerpt:

"I was not happy about that. I know the Democrats in Congress were outvoted on the war [in Iraq], but they could have spoken against it. They should have been out in the streets with placards. They should have gone home to small towns across the nation and expressed their deep opposition to what was happening. Instead they repeated that silly old saw 'We have to get behind the president in a time of war.' We do not elect a Congress to 'get behind the president.' We elect a Congress to get behind the Constitution. I know of no other period in the history of this country when Congress abdicated its role the way it has over the last six years. Before George W. Bush was elected, I would have argued that something like this couldn't happen in American politics. But it has happened: we have dismantled the checks-and-balances system."

Get yourself to a library and read that interview. And then get yourself to a web browser (indeed, you're on one now) and explore Chittister's twice-monthly column on the National Catholic Report at

Honestly, if we succeed as a democratic country, as a species even, it will be because of the wisdom and frankness of people like Chittister.

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