Monday, August 13, 2007


My younger daughter drew this picture recently of the ghost who calls her name in the middle of the night. If you had seen her room you'd realize how to-scale this is. It's sad, really, because if you could zoom in on her face (as I can with the original) you'll see one eye open, looking rather petrified.

My theory---or hope, perhaps---is that her little fish tank (shown in the drawing just above her head, on the dresser behind the bed) is making the noise; the air pump and air bubbles hiss, something that seems eerily magnified and echoed both from her bed beneath the rainbow canopy.

She's adamant that it's a real ghost, especially when we suggested removing the aquarium from her room for a while to test our theory. I admit to believing in the paranormal, the possibility of existences beyond our own, on different "planes," of souls or imprints or character reflections that don't move on. So who's to say? What's definitely real is the apprehension my daughter displays. That's something we're working on.

Speaking of ghosts, the spooky sound of empty air you may hear from this blog will be because I'll be a ghost of sorts---school starts again on Monday, which means my blogging will be greatly reduced from then until mid-December.

But on a positive note, I've had creative nonfiction essays accepted by Weber Studies and Dark Sky Magazine recently, and both will appear in the September issues. Of course, I'm still getting the requisite rejections across the board, to keep me honest (and thirsty, I suppose).

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Shann Palmer, blog admin said...

re the ghost: You just have to believe her and love her- my son was convinced he had sleep paralysis and saw all sorts of spirits- he became an internet detective to figure it all out and after 10 years- he's 23 now- he still believes but tells me my constant assurance he was marked by God (at his baptism at one year) and thus was protected kept him safe (thank you, Episcopal church-)

I don't know what he felt or saw- he's gone looking for ghosts all over Virginia (there are hundreds) and hasn't found any.

I don't have really strong religious beliefs but I was hoping he would buy what I told him.

he did.

good semester to you- can't wait for January!! I have friends in NYC who have it on their calendar (one is reading at the cafe in October)