Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tonight's Reading and an Online Interview

I read poetry as part of the Cushing Street Poetry Series this evening with Eric Magrane, an outstanding poet and excellent reader. It was great fun, as we alternated back-and-forth, reading a poem in response to (or inspired by) the other poet's previous poem. Borrowing a page from Gina's reading book, I brought my camera so we could capture the reading on film:

Cushing Street readings are on the patio of the Cushing Street Bar & Restaurant near downtown Tucson. It's a great venue, and we had a full crowd (not all of whom are pictured here).

Eric started with his sportcoat, but that was removed after the first poemgraph. It was too muggy between monsoon storms for such formalities!

Caught in the act! I love this photo because I think I look guilty; and surely I am in some poetry context or another. Aren't we all?

Also, last week I participated in Achieve Radio's Author's Voice online interview series. If you've got 15 minutes to spare and want to hear how many "ummms" and "sort ofs" I can say in that span---and a bit more info about my book, the journal Terrain.org, and thoughts on sustainable development---check it out here.


Suzanne said...

You do look guilty! I love the new look on your blog. Verrry niice.

Lauren said...

You are *so* guilty. I wish i coulda been there!

Shann Palmer, blog admin said...

LOL- cute!

The new blog almost scared me off!

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