Saturday, October 20, 2007

Salmon: A Journey in Poetry

Salmon: A Journey in Poetry 1981-2007 celebrates 26 years of innovative and exciting Irish and international poetry. The organization of the volume is simple: two poems from the poet’s Salmon collection (or collections) and one uncollected poem. Detailed biographical notes for each poet and a complete bilbiography of Salmon's publications, are also included.

I received my contributor's copy of the new anthology this morning (I have three poems included, two from my book Riverfall and one new poem, "Her Mission of Light," that appeared in The Manhattan Review) and found myself almost speechless with awe and admiration for it. Salmon: A Journey in Poetry is absolutely beautiful in design and content, full of the indefinable but wonderfully tangible thing we call spirit!

Look for a review by poet Deborah Fries in's upcoming issue.

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