Saturday, December 29, 2007

Texas Canyon

About halfway between Benson and Willcox in southeastern Arizona is Texas Canyon, a boulder-strewn swath of cartoon wonderland straight out of Warner Bros. Roadrunner & Coyote shows. This afternoon my daughters and I traveled with neighbors Scott and Deirdre Calhoun to explore this very cool place. Here are some photos, and there are 49 more over on the image gallery.

The enormous boulders are great fun to climb on, and also host a pretty great variety of plants like oak, agave, cactus, and grasses.

Here's a prickly pear growing between two boulders.

My younger daughter had great fun scaling over the rocks.

And my older enjoyed crawling through the secret passageways the ancient riverbed holds.

Me and my girls.

Scott and I climbed deep into the canyon and its surrounding rock outcroppings in search of good photos.

Looking west from Texas Canyon, which is in the Chihuahua desert, where grasses abound.

This little beauty is a rare Arizona rainbow cactus growing among fern and an agave in a boulder's seam.

An "abstract" shot of the aforementioned agave.

Was that a coyote running with an Acme box I just saw...?

It was pretty nippy out there, and the girls found a plate of ice that made for kooky photos.

Kooky or spooky, perhaps, but also great fun!

Then we drove to an area where we could catch the sunset. Not a bad way to end the day, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! I've wanted to climb on those boulders for ages! My kids and I were at that rest stop last year, and couldn't find a way to get to the boulders or how to get to the "official" Texas Canyon for climbing. Can you send me the driving directions, or should I check back here??