Saturday, January 26, 2008

Winter Day at the Desert Museum

My younger daughter and I took a trip to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum today, which as regular visitors to this blog know is one of my favorite haunts.

Here are a handful of photos, and these and a few more, larger, are also available on my website's gallery.

My younger daughter digs for fossils at "Ancient Arizona."

A barn owl on the hand of its handler.

An ocelot slumbers in a very vertical position.

Hesperaloe blooms against a wall of adobe brick.

A female Calliope hummingbird at the Desert Museum's hummingbird aviary.

Teddy bear cholla cactus; almost cute enough to cuddle with?

A cedar waxwing in the museum's walk-in aviary. First time I've seen this bird there.

The fruit of a climbing cactus in a new portion of the Desert Museum just opened.

A Harris' hawk, the raptors that like to perch on the tops of saguaros.

The head of a large agave stalk, approaching bloom.

One flower surrounded by winter-blooming lantana.

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