Saturday, February 09, 2008

Final AWP Bits

As if this hasn't dragged on long enough, I have some final AWP bits:

Images from "The Future of Environmental Essay" panel, 10th Anniversary Reading, and Salmon: A Journey in Poetry Anthology Launch & Reading are now online in a gallery at:

I ate insects at AWP. Specifically, for a free one-year extension on my Isotope: A Literary Journal of Science & Nature subscription I ate a chocolate-covered larva and a white chocolate-covered cricket. Mmmm, tasty.

Most famous person I met: Marvin Bell, at the Salmon Poetry table. I suspect he doesn't remember.... I also saw Billy Collins roaming the third level of the bookfair, but he didn't make it to the table, gosh darnit!

It occurs to me now that the only panel I attended was the one I facilitated. And I feel like I didn't miss anything (though surely I did, no?).

So concludes, finally, AWP for this year. It was good fun.

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