Saturday, March 01, 2008

Return to the Ostrich Ranch

Periodically the girls and I stop by Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch northwest of Tucson off Interstate 10. To our delight, there always seems to be something new. This time, following a wildflower hike at Picacho Peak (see above), my older daughter and I stopped. Some photos below and a few more on my site's gallery:

The ostriches are always happy to see us!

Speaking from experience, it's true: ostriches do bite, with a blind indiscriminate thrust.

The key deer are always great fun to feed.

And apparently the camera's pretty tasty, too!

The rainbow lorikeet aviary's pretty great, too.

Taking the other bird's-eye view, I suppose.

So what's new there? Miniature donkeys and emus. Quite a managerie they've got going on. I'm amazed, too, how many people zoom by and never stop. Trust me, it's a wonderful and unique experience.

View the other photos on the gallery now.

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