Sunday, April 20, 2008

March Yard Flowers

I'm running behind on posts, I know, but 'tis the season. School's almost out, and then I may have a moderately regular blog post schedule. Or at least I'll keep telling you that.

My new Canon XSi arrived late last week and while I haven't had much of a chance to play with it, I did take a couple photos from my backyard:

The rest of these photos, though, are three weeks old now, from the amazing spring wildflowers we've had (and still continue to have). These are all from our yard, our neighbors' yards, and a small walkabout at Civano. These and 30 others are available at a larger size in my gallery.

The sweet acacia bloom this spring has been spectacular: the trees are as yellow as Colorado aspens in the autumn.

Closer view of sweet acacia bloom. These are predominant street trees in our neighborhood.

Bloom stalk of my neighbor's agave.

It is not an overstatement, I think, to say that our street had the best wildflowers in Civano this year.

My younger daughter: a flower among flowers.

Ocotillo buds just before bloom, with palo verde in the background. I must say I love this photo.

Lovely scented star jasmine in my neighbor's yard, with our purple house in the background.

Hesperaloe leaves and palo verde shadow against the wall of the Civano Nursery.

Indian blanket soaking in the sun.

View the March Yard Flower photo gallery.

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