Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Girls for Grandparents

A handful of photos of the girls for the grandparents, since it's been a while. These are photos from the last week: our older's viola recital and 5th grade graduation. Yikes, I can't believe she'll be in middle school next school year (which for us starts in mid-July)!

Our younger daughter, waiting for the recital to start.

Here she talks with her piano teacher, who accompanied our older daughter as she played.

Our older daughter concentrates on playing.

Cardiovascular system, as displayed by my younger daughter and her classmates.

For 5th grade graduation at Civano Community School, the youngers make custom hats for the kids who are graduating.

It's a bit of a sad time for many. Or at least a time to contemplate the years.

Reading her "will."

Passing tissues along in case they get teary eyed, which most of the girls did.

Our older daughter mostly held it together, though.

Except when they were altogether cracking up.

Civano Community School marm Pam Bateman shows off a self-portrait, one for each year for each graduating student. It's great fun.

Definitely great fun.

Dancing the "Chicken Dance" to conclude graduation.

One more photo with the hat...

... and a photo without.

Our older daughter started at Civano in 2nd grade; our younger in K. Both are fairly different learners, I think, and both are excelling in this great school. Many thanks to the wonderful teachers and staff!

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