Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Micro Review: Legacy

Just a few days ago I received a slim package from Jane Levin, a contributor to Terrain.org's current issue and a seasonal resident--this year, at least--of the Sonoran desert. The package arrived from Minnesota, and was filled with Jane's first chapbook, Legacy, published by Moonflower Press just a few weeks ago.

I remember Jane's single-poem submission both because it is rare for a submitter to send only a single poem, and also because that poem--the first in this chapbook, "Atoll;" it was originally published in The Minnesota Women's Press--was small, simple, and stunning. Naturally, we accepted it and requested others. You can read them here.

Legacy contains just twenty poems, and many of those are a dozen lines or less. But here as in the best poetry, it seems, less is more. Take this poem, for example:

Odd Girl Out

Grandville, Minnesota
Where Larsens marry the Larsons
who sat behind them in homeroom,
their connection more contagion
than attraction.

Unmarried girls leave.
Tomboys, who grew up in foxholes
to escape friendly ire don't tell.

No one asks.


The poems are often riddles, many sensual Lesbian love poems, others about Jewish themes and Levin's struggle with ovarian cancer. A few are what we might call nature poetry. All are poignant and precise--a compelling chapbook indeed.

So how to go about getting a copy? Looks like the only way right now is to shoot an email to moonflower press at gmail dot com. Or contact me and I'll forward your request to Jane. I think you'll be pleased.

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