Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Wildflower Wars

A dazzling wildflower season spells trouble for the master-planned communities that spread like invasive weeds along the edges of urban areas across the West. How are the wildflower wars being waged, and why is it important to have natural yards in cities, anyway? Here's my take:


jd said...

I love the formula, C + SL = HPV

Although if I recall aren't many of the homes in Civano painted in very bright colors, or was that just yours. A deep lavender if I remember correctly. It seems odd that a homeowners association so intent on flowers and weeds would let a house painted something besides desert tan slide by.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Civano is nothing if not a community of paradox, eh? Yes, lots of colorful houses, but it's less the color of the wildflowers than the messiness in the eyes of some. I'm on the CC&R Committee now, so am doing what I can to offer the "more natural" alternative, but I'll tell you, I'm usually the lone voice in favor of that approach. It's a different residency than it was when we moved in 8 years ago.