Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Maine Coast

Buckle yourselves in for this next series of photos from the last leg of my recent New England trip: mid-coast Maine, all 104 of them available here. Here is a preview of photos for your enjoyment:

View of Camden Harbor from Mount Battie, Camden Hills State Park, Maine.

Amazing scenery, geology, and botany on the Maine Coast. This is an inlet between Penobscot Bay and Rockport Harbor.

A beautiful schooner I happened to see as I drove along U.S. Highway 1.

The Owls Head light in thick fog.

Early morning Camden Harbor.

Lots of color in the harbor; Camden Hills State Park in the distance.

The Towne Motel, where I stayed and which I highly recommend.

Marshall Point light.

A beautiful little firehouse near Marshall Point.

Storm- and wave-sculpted stone beach at Reid State Park.

Reid State Park.

Get ye over to the full gallery: 104 photographs with captions (generally).


Nicole said...

The Rockland area is pretty fantastic. I used to live on Vinalhaven, which is a fun ferry ride if you're up for it! Great swimming in granite quarries...

Anonymous said...

So fantastic, Those photo show how beautiful Maine cost is.
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