Monday, June 02, 2008

New Hampshire and Vermont

I'm having a wonderful time up in New Hampshire and Vermont. I've just completed my first full day at the Wildbranch Writing Workshop in Craftsbury Common, NH, and it's a pretty great group of faculty and students both.

I flew into Boston on Saturday afternoon, then drove up to North Woodstock, New Hampshire, in the heart of the White Mountains. On the way I stopped in Manchester to visit Milly's Brewery, and had dinner in North Woodstock at the Woodstock Inn Brewery. You may see a theme here.... In case you didn't know, I collect pint glasses, and have scored one from each.

Saturday evening I visited a portion of Franconia Notch State Park called the Basin, then Sunday morning I returned to visit the Flume -- a narrow gorge and waterfall -- and then ride a tram up to the summit of Mount Cannon, at 4,060 feet. From there I drove into Vermont, stopping in the beautiful town of St. Johnsbury, and then rolling into Craftsbury Common by mid-afternoon.

Below are a few photos from the journey so far, though a full set of 84 larger photos is available here:

A rapid brook at the Basin in Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire.

One of Vermont's oldest covered bridges, spanning the Pemigewasset River. It was built in 1886.

Avalanche Falls at the head of the Flume, also in the state park.

Birch (I think) growing among glacial boulders at the state park.

A canopy of birch leaves in this beautiful, primarily hardwood northern forest.

Boulders atop Mount Cannon, looking toward the north.

The tram to the top of Mount Cannon is a smooth, beautiful ride.

Old barn and silos just north of the Connecticut River in Vermont.

Closer view of the barn. I pulled off the highway quickly once I saw this and, finding the drive off the road, pulled in and parked. I walked up to the house to ask if I could take the photos, and I gathered from the woman's friendly response that photographers regularly pull off in such an excited state. It's a beautiful (if not in a sad state of disrepair) barn.

One of the many churches in downtown St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

And directly across the street: another church, plus a quaint downtown.

The Vermont countryside. This photo is from Craftsbury Common, looking southeast.

The commons at Craftsbury Common, with the public school in the background.

Again, check them all out, and larger format too, at my website's gallery.

It's likely I won't post again before I return late Sunday evening, both because the Internet connection here is poor, and because I likely won't take many photos before I get to Maine on Saturday evening.

Have a great week!


jd said...

Enjoy your conference. Looks like a great locale. I love New Hampshire. Your picture of the birch tree canopy is my favorite.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Thanks JD. That's my wife's favorite of the lot, as well. NH and VT both are pretty amazing states. And I'm going to get to visit the Ben & Jerry's HQ, too!

Anonymous said...

nice shots but the pemigwassett river is in nh, not vermont.