Saturday, July 26, 2008

Daughters at the Desert Museum

Before my recent trip to Denver (look for photos from that over the next week or so), I spent consecutive weekends at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum with my daughters. First my older daughter and a friend attended a Saturday Summer Evening, where we get to shine blacklights in search of scorpions and have loads of fun. Then, the next weekend, my younger daughter and I participated in the "Amphibians and Reptiles" program of the Coati Kids Club.

Below are a few photos, and there are a total of 33 over in the gallery.

Sunset as we drove over Gates Pass in the Tucson Mountains.

My older daughter (right) with her friend.

A Sonoran gophersnake in the cool night lighting of the reptile and invertebrate building.

My younger daughter wearing her Coati Kids Club t-shirt.

A beautiful flower found near the new education center. I should probably know what this is!

A hummingbird in the Desert Museum's hummingbird aviary.

View to the southwest from the Desert Museum.

Check them all out in the gallery now!


Carolyn Anne Anderson said...

Beautiful Photos Neighbor!
(as usual)

Allan Peterson said...

It's a passion flower. You knew that