Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fitting into a Smaller Footprint

It is with some sadness (not to mention a loss of luxury and performance) but a strong will nonetheless to reduce my automobile's footprint (economic and environmental) that I have replaced my Subaru Outback with a Honda Fit:

This weekend I broke the Fit in by driving over to Guadalupe Mountains National Park in west Texas, which was amazing. I'll post photos of that in mid-December, after my landscape photography class wraps up, because I'm selecting from the more than 900 photos I took for my final project. Actually, I need to post photos from my last two outings, as well: back to Elgin in southeastern Arizona and up to Saguaro Ranch (which I wrote about over at American City here).

It's more of a transition between the cars than I had anticipated because I really love the Outback, and loved driving it. But I also really like the Fit, which on my thousand-mile trip garnered 39 mpg. The Outback, sucking down premium fuel, would have gotten perhaps 24 mpg. Between the lower payment and reduced gas, I figure I'll save maybe $140 per month while putting less carbon into the atmosphere.

There's more to it than that, things like simplifying my life (though the built-in iPod player that I love so much in the Fit doesn't quite help me there, I admit). But I sure will miss that panoramic sunroof and easy turbo power that quite represents, I think, what I'm seeking to change in myself. Just as it isn't always easy to walk the talk, it's sometimes not easy to drive it, either.

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