Thursday, October 08, 2009

Autumn Camping with My Daughters

Last week I gathered my daughters up for a camping trip to kick off their fall break. We drove from Tucson east to the Guadalupe Mountain National Park of west Texas (where I went last November to photograph fall foliage), then up to Carlsbad Caverns National Park, over the Sacramento Mountains to White Sands National Monument, and back home. A whirlwind tour in four days, for sure, and it was great fun.

Below are a sampling of photos, and all of them are available in large format over at my gallery:

Guadalupe Mountains National Monument

Relaxing in the tent on our first evening at the Guadalupes.

My daughters on the Pine Springs trail.

So far only a little fall color on the big tooth maples that line the white canyon floors.

One of the open, grassy portions of the trail, which is just great for kids.

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Carlsbad Caverns National Monument

Getting ready to bat watch outside the natural entrance to Carlsbad Cavern.

Deep within the cave, which is gigantic. We hiked in via the natural entrance trail.

Dad and daughters on a trail atop the Sacramento Mountains outside Cloudcroft, New Mexico.

Viewing the large valley west of the Sacramentos, wherein the White Sands lie.

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White Sands National Monument

Along the White Sands nature trail, where if not for the heat it would be easy to confuse the pure gypsum sands for snow.

All along the trip we saw loads of beautiful autumn wildflowers like these.

Grass growing near an "interdune" area at White Sands, where it's both astonishing and inspiring that plants grow at all.

Triumph at the top of a steep dune: they made it!

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